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Drawing from Experience


A ballerina sits on the ground while people seated nearby draw her form.

Join us for drawing sessions that take inspiration from the High’s campus and collection!
Led by artist Larkin Ford, each session focuses on a different way of seeing and capturing the world around us while allowing participants to explore their own personal expression and develop their drawing skills.

All materials will be provided, but participants may bring their own materials, if desired. Each session description includes a supply list. Drawing from Experience sessions will have seating based on social distancing guidelines and will be outside when weather allows.

Space is limited, and preregistration is required.
Your ticket includes access to the Museum galleries.

About Your Instructor
Larkin Ford teaches drawing and painting at Georgia State University, where he earned his MFA. He spent his formative years in rural North Carolina, weaving this and other personal experiences into enigmatic narratives through drawings, paintings, and sculptures. Ford has exhibited work in Atlanta at Whitespace, The Mast, and Showerhaus’s High Rise Show. For more information and images, please visit www.larkinhford.com and @larkinford.

May Dates

May 8: Linear Perspective in Naturalistic and Abstract Drawing
Linear perspective is a powerful tool for illusionistic drawing. During this session, we will break it into manageable steps, building a horizon line and vanishing points. Drawing on Renaissance traditions we will experiment with allowing the architecture to dissolve into pure abstraction in some areas while remaining clear in others.

May 15: Drawing in Black and White on Toned Paper
For this session, instead of building up value gradually on a white page, we’ll experiment with using white gel pens, black and white colored pencils, and other media on toned paper. Starting from a midtone, we will establish edges and shapes of light and dark, capturing the essence of the scene’s light and shadow.

May 22: Collage as a Starting Point
When you draw from direct observation or from a photo, you often depict a singular scene or uniform style. Switch it up by starting your drawing with collage. This will allow for a visual departure from the world you are observing and add in elements of abstraction.

May 29: Scrambled Grid Drawings
Using grids in the traditional method of copying square by square allows the artist to get proper proportions more easily than drawing from life. However, we can also explore scrambling the grid, substituting elements from other source images, altering the medium, or drawing irregular grids. What would happen if you combined multiple techniques to create new stylistic combinations? Get ready for some grid experimentation!

Please note: face coverings are required for anyone over the age of two, even for visitors who have been fully vaccinated. A face shield can be worn but must be worn in conjunction with a face covering for entry. For additional information, please see the Reopening FAQs.