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Christopher Bucklow (British, born 1957)




Dye destruction print


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Near the end of the twentieth century, a remarkable group of young photographers emerged in England. Their work is connected by an interest in the relationship between nature and science and the belief that revelation is contained in both. One such photographer, Christopher Bucklow, distills photography to its basic elements. His prints manifest a peculiar physical presence due to their unfamiliar subject matter, experimental technique, assertive use of scale, and vibrant, dramatic color. Above all, Bucklow's work is consciously and deliberately engaged with the metaphysical possibilities of light. This unique color print is from Bucklow's "Guest" series, in which a solitary figure acts as a visible template for hundreds of solar discs. Each of these points of light represents a single day in the figure’s life. Bucklow achieves this swelling density of accumulated light by using a large, multiple-pinhole camera that was used to print the image directly on photographic paper.

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