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Coronation Theme: Organon

Modern and Contemporary Art

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Coronation Theme: Organon

Artwork Details


Nadine Robinson
American, born England, 1968




Speakers soundsystem and mixed media

Accession #



175 x 18 1/2 x 174 inches


Currently Out on Loan


Nadine Robinson’s large-scale installations often rely on sound to explain complex narratives that address historic moments. For Coronation Theme, Robinson was inspired by the 1963 Project C (Confrontation) demonstration in Birmingham, Alabama, when nearly 1,000 children and young adults were fire-hosed by police for protesting segregation with a sit-in. The thirty loudspeaker cabinets issue a chorus of sounds: organ music, sermons, songs, prayers, and protests. The architectural arrangement of the speakers recalls a large pipe organ and is loosely based on the façade of Atlanta’s historic Ebenezer Baptist Church.


Gift of John F. Wieland Jr. in memory of Marion Hill