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Elevator Grill from the Chicago Stock Exchange Building

Decorative Arts and Design

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Elevator Grill from the Chicago Stock Exchange Building

Artwork Details


Louis H. Sullivan (American, 1856-1924), designer
Winslow Brothers Company, Chicago, IL, 1856-1924, manufacturer




Cast and wrought iron, paint, and bronze

Accession #

1982.291 a


73 x 31 inches


On View - Stent Family Wing, Level 3, Gallery 303


This panel originally formed part of the grille surrounding the elevator in the Chicago Stock Exchange Building designed by architect Louis Sullivan. Often dubbed the father of early skyscraper design, Sullivan rejected neoclassical ornament as inappropriate for American building, preferring instead to stylize natural forms into abstractions—as in the seedpod pattern of this grille’s ironwork. Sullivan’s dictum “form follows function” influenced generations of architects, among them his one-time employee Frank Lloyd Wright.


Virginia Carroll Crawford Collection