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Overcast III

Modern and Contemporary Art

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Overcast III

Artwork Details


Robert Rauschenberg
American, 1925–2008




Oil on canvas and screenprinted Plexiglas

Accession #



71 x 105 x 11 inches


On View - Wieland Pavilion, Skyway, Gallery 412


Robert Rauschenberg adopted the gestural technique and heroic scale of Abstract Expressionism but rejected abstract painting as too removed from everyday life. By incorporating popular images into his art and using commercial techniques, Rauschenberg prefigured the widespread use of commercial imagery and references by Pop artists of the late 1960s. Here Rauschenberg conveys the simultaneity and multiplicity of events in our media-saturated world with a dense profusion of images. The overlapping juxtaposition of these images evokes the rapid barrage of information, while specifically referring to space exploration in the early 1960s.


Purchase with funds from Alfred Austell Thornton in memory of Leila Austell Thornton and Albert Edward Thornton, Sr., and Sarah Miller Venable and William Hoyt Venable

Image Copyright

© Estate of Robert Rauschenberg/VAGA at Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York