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Event Details

February 23, 2023
7:00 pm –8:00 pm


Members: Free
Not-Yet-Members: $20


High Museum of Art
Hill Auditorium

Event Description

Zara Houshmand, coauthor of Monir Farmanfarmaian’s memoir A Mirror Garden, will share her experiences of collaborating with the artist on a book that draws on their overlapping experiences and memories of life as young women in Iran. Between the two, empathy becomes a conscious creative tool that bridges very different art forms for an intimate expression of personality and an open-ended exploration of form.

More about Zara Houshmand

Zara Houshmand is an Iranian American writer whose work bridges cultural divides and includes poetry, theater, memoir, and literary translation. She was a pioneer in the use of virtual reality as an art form, and her installation, Beyond Manzanar (with Tamiko Thiel), has been exhibited worldwide. Her early work in theater led to award-winning translations of Bijan Mofid’s plays, and her own plays have been produced in Los Angeles and San Francisco. She worked with the Mind & Life Institute for two decades on books representing the Dalai Lama’s dialogues with Western scientists. Her collaborative writing includes A Mirror Garden, coauthored with Monir Farmanfarmaian (Knopf, 2007), and Running Toward Mystery: The Adventure of an Unconventional Life, with the Venerable Tenzin Priyadarshi (Random House, 2020). Her most recent book, Moon and Sun (2020), is a bilingual Persian and English edition of her translations of Rumi’s Rubaiyat.