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Detail of a painting of a landscape of farms dotted with houses with one big white house.

Event Details

December 7, 2021
3:00 pm –4:00 pm




High Museum of Art Online

Event Description

How do artists convey a message, and how do they tell a story without words?

In this free, one-hour webinar for educators, hear from Lisa Landers, education manager at the Georgia Historical Society, and Kate McLeod, Head of School and Teacher Services at the High Museum of Art, as they discuss the Georgia Day Student Art Contest and strategies for helping students express ideas through visual art.

Visit the Georgia Historical Society’s event page to register and for more information.


Artwork Credit: Detail of Mattie Lou O’Kelley (American, 1908–1997), My Parents’ Farm, 1980. © Mattie Lou O’Kelley Memorial Trust.