EventsStudio Sessions: Hand Building Clay Vessels

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Studio Sessions: Hand Building Clay Vessels

April 6, 2024 | 10 a.m.–1 p.m.
Location: High Museum of Art
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© Metropolitan Museum of Art, photo by Eileen Travell.

What can clay create? How can we make pottery that combines form and function?

In this studio workshop, we will look at clay vessels in the exhibition Hear Me Now: The Black Potters of Old Edgefield, South Carolina and examine the craftmanship makers employed. Led by instructor Meghan McFerrin, we will learn hand-building techniques such as pinching, coiling, and slab building to create our own clay vessels, whether functional or decorative. We will adorn our completed vessels with designs and patterns, using techniques similar to those of the Edgefield potters. At the end of the workshop, the clay pieces will be sent to a local studio to be fired. Fired artworks will be available for pick up at the High on a different day.

The High’s exhibition Hear Me Now: The Black Potters of Old Edgefield, South Carolina tells the story of the enslaved potters of Old Edgefield District, a rural area on the western edge of South Carolina famous for its natural clays. By the 1840s, multiple potteries served the growing population, producing tens of thousands of stoneware vessels per year. Enslaved African Americans led all aspects of this labor-intensive industry. Their knowledge, creativity, and skill stand at the heart of this exhibition, which seeks to honor their work and legacy.

About Your Instructor

Meghan McFerrin is a teaching artist at the High Museum of Art and brings an extensive background as an arts educator and administrator. Her previous experiences include teaching in K–12 classrooms and in higher education, museum, and community arts settings. From 2017 to 2022, she worked for the Georgia Department of Education supervising the state’s STEAM certification program and helping schools to integrate the arts into their instructional strategies and develop community arts partnerships. Her passion for the arts is evident in her work as a visual artist and as a potter. She holds a master’s degree in art education from the University of Georgia.

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About Studio Sessions

Studio Sessions are art-making workshops connected to artworks on view at the High. These workshops provide opportunities to experiment, play, and enjoy new mediums and materials. No prior experience is required. Studio Sessions are designed for adults, but all ages are welcome. This workshop is offered three times.

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