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A phone captures an image of the High's exterior on a sunny, clear day.

Event Details

March 3, 2019
2:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m.


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High Museum of Art

Event Description

Instagram is a very visual platform and the new algorithm favors great content, so posting just any photo is not cutting it anymore. Join the High’s Young Professionals for a private hands-on workshop with Your Social Team and learn how to improve your photo game using just your phone!

You will learn

  • simple composition and rules of photography
  • easy tips to make the best out of your phone capabilities
  • take photos around the High Museum of Art
  • how to use a photo editing app to improve your photos
  • best practices for posting your photos

About Your Instructor

Manu Muraro smiles holding her phone.
Manu Muraro is the former King of Pops Marketing (and Social Media) Director, and former Cartoon Network Creative Manager.

She founded Your Social Team in 2017 and has since then worked with over 200 brands including Ponce City Market, Tiny Doors ATL and the AJC. She is also the co-founder of women’s conference, Let’s Conference.

This event is FREE for YP Members, but space is limited. Registration will open February 15.