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Teacher Seminars


A woman stands in front of an outdoor sculpture at the Woodruff Arts Center Educator Conference

Seminars by Appointment

The High Museum of Art is pleased to offer job-embedded professional learning workshops for Pre-K­–12 educators. Each two-hour workshop includes large group presentations and hands-on activities led by expert instructors. Participants also receive course-related lesson plans and curriculum connections.

  • Participants: This program requires a minimum of ten educators and accommodates up to thirty.
  • Location: Workshops may be held at the Museum or at a location within a fifty-mile radius of the Museum.
  • Cost: The cost for each workshop is $450.

Virtual Options Now Available

  • Cost: $75/30 minutes
  • Participants: This program requires a minimum of ten educators and accommodates up to thirty.

Visual Literacy Workshop*
Grade Levels: K–12
How can we help our students make sense of the thousands of images they are bombarded with daily? How do we help them slow down, look closely, make inferences, and think critically about media, images, works of art, and the world around them? In this session, teachers will explore the concept of visual literacy—reading an image as a text. Participants will walk away with tips and techniques for creating and constructing meaning with their students in the classroom and learn how these techniques are applicable across all disciplines.

Teaching with Primary and Secondary Sources Workshop*
Grade Levels: 4–­12
This workshop takes a look at the High Museum’s permanent collection via object-based learning. Participants receive tips and techniques on how to use primary and secondary sources in their classrooms.

*Available by appointment a minimum of 4 weeks in advance. Please email Kate.McLeod@high.org.