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Past Exhibitions

Drawing Instruments: Al Taylor’s Bat Parts and Endcuts

May 25–August 25, 2013


Bat Parts by Al Taylor

Bat Parts and Endcuts are two separate bodies of work that illuminate the exchange between two- and three-dimensional form in Taylor’s work. They are a result of his career-long investigation of visual perception fueled by an unremitting curiosity and often inflected by humor.

In his Bat Parts series (1993-1994), Taylor used the sculptural works almost like viewfinders to frame up compositions for drawings that capture multiple points of view. Bat Parts II (1994) incorporates a dissected aluminum baseball bat that the artist suspended in air using two different gauges of metal wire.

In his Endcuts series, Taylor investigated the inside and outside of simple geometric forms while also exploring his observation that “shape makes light” and “light makes shape.” In the drawings and the 1997 sculptures Endcuts (2 Tubes) and Endcuts (5 Tubes), Taylor demarcates the structure and shape light would take if it were being projected out of the ends of cut steel tubes.

Organization and Support

This exhibition is organized by the High Museum of Art.