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Past Exhibitions

Paper & Ink: New Print Acquisitions from the High Museum of Art

January 18–June 15, 2014

This exhibition highlights recent print acquisitions for the High Museum of Art’s permanent collection.

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This exhibition of recent print acquisitions from the High Museum of Art celebrates the breadth and depth of the High’s collection of works on paper. With more than 450 prints acquired in the past five years, the thirty-one prints selected for this exhibition feature some of the most well known artists of the past four centuries, including Albrecht Dürer, Ellsworth Kelly, Sarah Sze, Salvador Dalí, and Dox Thrash, to name a few.

The practice of printmaking is a discipline with a long and rich tradition involving the transfer of ink from one surface to another through a variety of techniques. These newest additions to the collection represent a range of different approaches to printmaking.

  • RELIEF (woodcuts, linocuts, and letterpress): Artists create relief prints by incising and inking a printing surface, such as a woodblock or linoleum piece. The resulting image reveals the area around the incisions that the artist left intact.
  • INTAGLIO (etching, drypoint, and engraving): Like relief, artists create intaglio prints by cutting or etching into the surface of a plate. Only the incised areas – the marks made by the artist – transfer to the printing surface.
  • PLANOGRAPHIC (monotype and lithograph): Planographic prints are produced from a completely flat surface rather than a surface with raised areas, and use a chemical process to transfer the ink.