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Georgia Art Education Association Student Exhibition

During this challenging time, students and educators have been working hard to use creativity as a means of expression.

The  Georgia Art Education Association annual exhibition, now virtual, showcases artwork by local students in grades 9–12, selected on the basis of excellence in the understanding and application of media, technique, process, and personal artistic expression. 

The exhibition is sponsored by members of the Georgia Art Education Association (GAEA), a professional organization committed to quality visual arts education provided by certified art educators. Its purpose is to represent Georgia art teachers; improve the conditions of teaching art; promote the study of teaching art; encourage research and experimentation in art education; hold public discussions; sponsor institutes, conferences, and programs; publish articles, reports, and surveys; and work with other related agencies. 

The GAEA is the state affiliate of the National Art Education Association. To learn more about the GAEA, please visit www.gaeaartforall.com.