Teacher Resource

Woodruff Arts Center Educator Conference, June 7–9, 2016

Download presentations, lesson plans, and handouts from the lectures, activities, and workshops at the 2016 Woodruff Arts Center Educator Conference.

3D STEAM: Integrating Traditional and Technical Learning with Young Designers

Workshop developed by Drew Brown and Wendy Aracich

Using the Creative Process in Designing Units and Lessons

Workshop developed by Peggy Benkeser, Mary Stuart Hall, and Carmen Gonzalez

High School Poetry and Collage Inspired by Eric Carle

Workshop developed by Kathleen Petka

I See a Store: Eric Carle for the Early Childhood Educator

Workshop developed by Leslie Rech

Upcycling, Recycling, and New Technology: How to Use Design and Art to Influence STEAM Activities

Workshop developed by Hannah Maharaj

Gallery Fun and Games: Finding Meaning in the Museum

Workshop developed by Lisa Casey

Late 20th Century US History through Folk Art

Workshop developed by Gordon Mathis

Fable Illustrations in the Style of Eric Carle

Workshop developed by Kirby Meng

Tiny Doors ATL in the Classroom

Workshop developed by Karen Anderson