One Shot Stool


Patrick Jouin (French, born 1967), designer
MGX by Materialise, Belgian, established 2004, manufacturer


Design date: 2006


Laser-sintered polyamide (nylon)


Open: 15 3/4 × 12 5/8 inches diameter Folded: 25 9/16 × 4 5/16 inches diameter


Purchase with funds from the Decorative Arts Acquisition Trust

Accession #


On View

On View - Wieland Pavilion, Skyway, Gallery 421

In 2004, French designer Patrick Jouin introduced his innovative use of rapid prototyping (RP) technologies: a computer-aided design is transmitted to a 3-D printer, where lasers harden liquefied or powdered plastic, layer by layer, until the design emerges completed without assembly. Jouin was the first to successfully adapt this technology to furniture, and his SOLID series (S1 stool and C1 chair) is a groundbreaking collection of self-produced furniture designs resulting from his RP studies. One Shot is a folding stool with a smart trick: no axle, no screw, and no visible hinge. Using gravity alone, it collapses or opens into a seat simply by pulling or pushing the center handle.