Pond at Deer Acres


William Kentridge (South African, born 1955)




Charcoal, ink, chalk, and china marker on paper


55 x 66 inches


Purchase in honor of Alicia Fishburne, President of the Members Guild, 2002-2003, with funds from the Lawrence and Alfred Fox Foundation for the Ralph K. Uhry Collection and Dr. Harold and Elaine Levin

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William Kentridge's drawings evoke dissonant narratives of colonial history. His work, which includes drawings, animated films, and theatrical productions, presents narratives that deal with the state of South Africa today, addressing such subjects as the post-apartheid government's Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings and the scarred landscape around Johannesburg. Kentridge's animated films are painstakingly built up from series of charcoal drawings, such as Pond at Deer Acres. Individual frames of his films incorporate erasures as well as the addition of lines and collaged forms; a week's worth of drawing may result in just forty seconds of animation.

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© William Kentridge

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