Saile. (One of the few mountains in the Alps with a female name. Soft with sudden, steep canyons, it stands on the edge of two long valleys, exposed to winds from all directions. In summer months rare grasses and flowers grow in small eroded valleys, visible from far as vertical lines of falling rock)


Elka Krajewska (Polish, born 1967)




Wax pencil on blackout fabric


54 1/2 x 42 1/2 inches


Gift of the Alex Katz Foundation

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Elka Krajewska’s Saile is part of a series of thirty-three landscape drawings titled Tides in Alps. According to the artist, the drawings are “built around an exchange between two lovers, one from high mountains and the other from the sea. Their landscapes find forms to relate to each other, exert influence over the other and negotiate shapes of coexistence.” Each drawing is accompanied by a narrative title that evokes aspects of the place depicted with descriptions of physical and atmospheric qualities. A field tent pitched at the base of the mountain in Saile suggests dualities such as attitudes toward nature that are romantic or objective, poetic or practical.