Untitled (Man and Woman)


Bill Traylor (American, 1854–1949)


ca. 1939–1942


Poster paint, graphite, and colored pencil on cardboard


13 7/8 x 11 1/8 inches


Purchase with funds from Mrs. Lindsey Hopkins, Jr., Edith G. and Philip A. Rhodes, and the Members Guild

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Between his eighty-fifth and eighty-ninth birthdays, Bill Traylor made more than 1,200 drawings showing the vibrant life he experienced on the streets of Montgomery, Alabama. However, his dynamic artwork did not attract widespread critical acclaim until long after his death. In 1982, the High Museum acquired a group of thirty drawings by Traylor, making it the first museum outside of Alabama to make a major purchase of his work. Part of the High’s initial acquisition, this drawing of a man and a woman epitomizes the energetic simplicity of Traylor’s graphic style. The artist frequently chronicled couples interacting, capturing both the tension and tenderness that he experienced in his own romantic entanglements and by observing people on the streets of Montgomery, where he lived toward the end of his life.