Teens and College

Mellon Undergraduate Curatorial Fellowship

The Mellon Summer Academy and Undergraduate Curatorial Fellowship is currently on pause.

Over the last decade, the Andrew W. Mellon Undergraduate Curatorial Fellowship (MUCF) program has sought to diversify curatorial cohorts in American art museums, supporting the work that foregrounds the growth of strong and diverse curatorial ranks into robust and distinct art museum leadership.

Following the current class of 2021–2022 fellows, the MUCF will pause in order to conduct a thorough evaluation and assessment of program goals and strategies. During this process, the Foundation will analyze the program’s achievements, identify opportunities for improvement, and strengthen best practices for revitalized programming that is equal to the challenges and opportunities of our current moment.

We anticipate that the program may resume in 2024, ready to continue the critical work that creates a coherent web of opportunities that lead from undergraduate through graduate work to curatorial positions in our nation’s cultural institutions.