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Card Table

Decorative Arts and Design

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Card Table

Artwork Details


Charles-Honore Lannuier


ca. 1815


Mahogany, gilt gesso, and gilt bronze

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Please contact the Museum for more information.


On View - Stent Family Wing, Level 3, Gallery 305


The robust winged figure and extended lion paws that animate this table exemplify the taste for French design that took hold in America after the Revolution. The attraction became particularly strong after 1803, when Napoleon crowned himself emperor of France. Craftsmen such as Charles-Honoré Lannuier, the French immigrant who made this card table in New York, adopted the motifs of French Neoclassicism, which took on a Greek and Egyptian flavor as a result of Napoleon’s military campaign in Egypt.


Purchase with funds from the Decorative Arts Acquisition Endowment

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