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Shipwrecked Off Labrador

American Art

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Shipwrecked Off Labrador

Artwork Details


William Bradford
American, 1823–1892




Oil on canvas

Accession #



20 x 30 inches


Currently Not on View


William Bradford was profoundly dedicated to achieving absolute fidelity in his representations of the Arctic regions. In Shipwreck off Labrador, the viewer is thrust closely into the action; the forms are rendered with a great energy, and the dramatic subject is underscored by the use of sharp contrasts in color value. Moreover, the chromatic brilliance is intensified by the positioning of the dark silhouette of the tattered sail as the central element of the painting. Comparing Shipwreck off Labrador to Coast of Labrador, which was painted a year earlier and is nearly identical in format, shows a great development in Bradford’s style and technique.


Gift of the West Foundation in honor of Gudmund Vigtel