ExhibitionsSprawl! Drawing Outside the Lines
Past Exhibition

Sprawl! Drawing Outside the Lines

July 18 – October 4, 2015

A sequel to the celebrated 2013 exhibition Drawing Inside the Perimeter, this second installment brought together a diverse selection of over one hundred recently acquired drawings by artists working both inside and outside the Atlanta perimeter.

Faux Sho, 2012

Ashley Anderson
American, born Milledgeville, Georgia, 1982
Faux Sho, 2012
Metallic ink and acrylic on paper
Purchase with the Lambert Fund, 2014.291Initially inspired by a reproduction of Andy Warhol’s iconic painting of Marilyn Monroe in a 1980s video game, Ashley Anderson explores the layered intersections between popular culture, digital reproduction, and art history. Here, he leverages the recognizability of the subject but refashions Warhol’s Pop-style reproduction with pixelated edges. Anderson produced this work after studying the High Museum’s edition of Warhol’s Marilyn silkscreens and noticing metallic pigment in one of the prints. Anderson’s use of gold paint overtly alludes to the tension that exists between aesthetic value and reproducibility.

2014.291 Anderson Colorbar 1480x1425.jpg

Life as We Know It Series: Man and Boy, 2014

Nick Bable
American, born Atlanta, Georgia, 1991
Life as We Know It Series: Man and Boy, 2014
Watercolor, ink, and gouache on paper
Purchase with the Antinori Fund, 2015.101

2015.101 Bable Colorbar 1480x1118.jpg

The Provider (Page 1), 2015

Corey Davis
American, born Columbus, Ohio, 1986
The Provider (Page 1), 2015
Pen and ink on Bristol paper
Purchase with Antinori Fund, 2015.111

2015.111 Davis Colorbar 954x1480.jpg

Aloha, 2014

Greg Mike
American, born Danbury, Connecticut, 1982
Aloha, 2014
Pen and ink on paper
Purchase with the Antinori Fund, 2015.130

2015.130 Mike Colorbar 1 1461x1480.jpg

Untitled (For Tom Tom), 2010

Heidi Graf
American, born Beverly, Massachusetts, 1987
Untitled (For Tom Tom), 2010
Ink on paper
Purchase with the Antinori Fund, 2015.120

2015.120 Graf Colorbar 1059x1480.jpg

Twins, 2012

Michael Lachowski
American, born Norfolk, Virginia, 1956
Twins, 2012
Graphite on paper
Purchase with the Antinori Fund, 2015.123

2015.123 Laschowski Colorbar 1480x976.jpg

The Standard, 2014

Michi Meko
American, born Florence, Alabama, 1974
The Standard, 2014
Acrylic and gold leaf on paper
Purchase with the Antinori Fund, 2015.128Michi Meko’s work draws from Southern culture and contemporary urban subcultures. About his hybridized imagery, the artist has said, “once you combine objects and then you obscure those objects and you put them in different contexts…that’s when they get super powers.” In Meko’s multimedia drawing, the figure shown wearing baggy blue jeans becomes the subject both obscured and transformed by a halo of black paint and gold leaf. The use of gold, in particular, suggests spiritual omnipotence.

2015.128 Meko Colorbar 1093x1480.jpg

Super Man (Josh), 2011

Abbie Merritt
American, born Atlanta, Georgia, 1987
Super Man (Josh), 2011
Watercolor on paper
Purchase with the Antinori Fund, 2015.129

2015.129 Merritt Colorbar 1305x1480.jpg

Cut Out, 2014

Mac Stewart
American, born Atlanta, Georgia, 1995
Cut Out, 2014
Paint and ink on paper
Purchase with the Antinori Fund, 2015.144

2015.144 Stewart Colorbar 1 1480x1373.jpg

Collected Series: Notepad, 2015

Wesley Terpstra
American, born Ypsilanti, Michigan, 1982
Collected Series: Notepad, 2015
Watercolor on paper
Purchase with the Antinori Fund, 2015.147At a cursory glance, Wesley Terpstra’s trompe l’oeil drawings do not appear to be drawings at all. His works bring to light the poignancy and weight of forgotten things. This example from his Collected Series re-creates the worn surfaces of discarded paper with exacting care. Terpstra regards paper as a metaphor for the use and reuse of materials and ideas. His works instill meaning and value in a material that is easily cast off or passed over.

2015.147 Terpstra Colorbar 1049x1480.jpg

Gossip, 2014

Fabian Williams
American, born Fayetteville, North Carolina, 1975
Gossip, 2014
Watercolor on paper
Purchase with the Antinori Fund, 2015.154Inspired by Norman Rockwell’s famous Saturday Evening Post cover illustration The Gossips, Fabian Williams explores the circulation of ideas among different art circles. In his riff on Rockwell’s interpretation of small-town America, Williams incorporates the likenesses of Atlanta-based artists including Michi Meko and Fahamu Pecou. Speaking of his work, he says: “I’m exploring the way an artist rises in the art scene and how technology plays a role in that. Someone needed to capture the people involved in Atlanta’s visual arts movement and put it into context as it emerges.”

2015.154 Williams Colorbar 1480x1113.jpg

The Broken Other, 2013

Caomin Xie
American, born Shanghai, China, 1974
The Broken Other, 2013
Graphite on paper
Purchase with the Antinori Fund, 2014.462

2014.462 Xie Colorbar 1480x1134.jpg


Following up on the High Museum’s successful 2013 exhibition of drawings by Atlanta-based artists titled Drawing Inside the Perimeter, this exhibition presents more than one hundred drawings acquired by the High between June 2013 and May 2015.
The exhibition acknowledges drawing as an independent artistic discipline with a long, rich history, one that represents a manner of thinking, composing, writing, or problem-solving among a plurality of contemporary art practices. Rather than considering drawing only as a preliminary stage in the process of creating a finished work in another medium, the exhibition reflects on drawing as a framework for the construction of knowledge and the communication of ideas.
Drawings in the exhibition act as a roadmap to the great diversity of artistic production in the Atlanta metro area, demonstrating the broad diversity of our region by expanding the reach of Drawing Inside the Perimeter to include twice as many artists, many who live and work outside the perimeter in outlying locales such as Athens, Columbus, Fairburn, Lawrenceville, Morrow, Smyrna, and elsewhere.
Works in the exhibition have been acquired through the Antinori Fund, which was established by Susan and Ron Antinori to support and advance artistic excellence among artists living and working in the Atlanta metropolitan area.
Participating Artists
Curtis Ames
Born Columbus, Ohio
Ashley Anderson
Born Milledgeville, Georgia
Maria Artemis
Born Greensboro, North Carolina
Nick Bable
Born Atlanta, Georgia
David Baerwalde
Born Parma, Ohio
John Beadles
Born Pontiac, Illinois
Jessica Blinkhorn
Born Marietta, Georgia
Benjamin Britton
Born Palo Alto, California
Caroline Bullock
Born Atlanta, Georgia
Carolyn Carr
Born Atlanta, Georgia
Brendan Carroll
Born New Haven, Connecticut
William Cash
Born Marietta, Georgia
Chris Chambers
Born Fresno, California
In Kyoung Chun
Born Seoul, Korea
Krista Clark
Born Burlington, VermontKevin E. Cole
Born Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Ryan Coleman
Born Evansville, Indiana
Mark Cottle
Born Washington, D.C.
Corey Davis
Born Columbus, Ohio
Henry Detweiler
Born Atlanta, Georgia
William Downs
Born Greenville, South Carolina
Frank Dunson
Brian Egan
Born Glen Rock, New Jersey
Angus Galloway
Born Bath, England
Mike Germon
Born Decatur, Georgia
Heidi Graf
Born Beverly, Massachusetts
Matt Haffner
Born Akron, Ohio
Eric Hancock
Born Winter Haven, Florida
Brian Holcombe
Born Atlanta, Georgia
Shara Hughes
Born Atlanta, Georgia
Gyun Hur
Born in Daegu, Korea
Hannah Israel
Born Manila, Philippines
Carol John
Born Camden, New Jersey
Medford Johnston
Born Atlanta, Georgia
Michael Lachowski
Born Norfolk, Virginia
Mark Leibert
Born Honolulu, Hawaii
Elizabeth Lide
Born Durham, North Carolina
Alan Loehle
Born Chicago, Illinois
Susan Loftin
Born Newnan, Georgia
Pam Longobardi
Born Glen Ridge, New Jersey

Eric Mack
Born Charleston, South Carolina
Trek Matthews
Born Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Faith McClure
Born Atlanta, Georgia
Michi Meko
Born Florence, Alabama
Abbie Merritt
Born Atlanta, Georgia
Greg Mike
Born Danbury, Connecticut
Larry Miller
Born College Park, Maryland
Donna Mintz
Born Gainesville, Georgia
Jason Murphy
Born Jackson, Mississippi
Katie Ridley Murphy
Born Columbia, Missouri
Bo Orr
Born Atlanta, Georgia
Erin Palovick
Born Chicago, Illinois
Esteban Patiño
Born Medellin, Colombia
Lauren Peterson
Born Columbia, Maryland
Mario Petrirena
Born Unión de Reyes, Cuba
Sanithna Phansavanh
Born Kansas City, Missouri
Michael Reese
Born Westbury, New York
Charles H. Reinike III
Born New Orleans, Louisiana
Lucha Rodriguez
Born Caracas, Venezuela
Kellie Romany
Born Barataria, Trinidad and Tobago
Mimi Hart Silver
Born Outer Banks, North Carolina
Leslie Snipes
Born Lancaster, South Carolina
Ben Steele
Born Stoneham, Massachusetts
Mac Stewart
Born Atlanta, Georgia
Dorothy Stucki
Born Atlanta, Georgia
Wesley Terpstra
Born Ypsilanti, Michigan
Joe Tsambiras
Born Tucker, Georgia
Zuzka Vaclavik
Born Falls Church, Virginia
Art Vandenberg
Born Grasonville, Maryland
Jim Waters
Born Athens, Tennessee
Orion Wertz
Born Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Christian Bradley West
Born Richmond, Virginia
Martha Whittington
Born Gainesville, Florida
Fabian Williams
Born Fayetteville, North Carolina
Caomin Xie
Born Shanghai, China
Linze Yarbrough
Born Chattanooga, Tennessee
Monster Drawing Rally
Saturday, September 12, 2015 from 1 to 4 p.m.
Visitors were invited to get in on the action and watch Georgia artists at work at the High’s second Monster Drawing Rally
In conjunction with the exhibition Sprawl! Drawing Outside the Lines and made possible by the Gudmund Vigtel Works on Paper Fund, approximately 75 local artists—many of whom are featured in Sprawl!—made art live in the High’s Robinson Atrium. The works were available for sale that day only for $75 each.
Working in three one-hour shifts, each group of artists produced original drawings available for purchase as they are completed. If more than one attendee wanted to purchase a particular work, the winner was determined by the luck of the draw.
The concept of the Monster Drawing Rally was originally developed by Southern Exposure in San Francisco. DJ Teknology spun tunes. BINDERS© donated supplies for the event, and participating artists also be brought their own supplies.
Below is a current list of artists who participated in Monster Drawing Rally:

  • Nick Adams
  • Monica Alexander
  • morgan alexander
  • Curtis Ames
  • Ashley Anderson
  • Steven L. Anderson
  • Maria Artemis
  • Sarah Balter
  • Lauren Barfield
  • Maddy Barreto
  • John Beadles
  • Miho Beadles
  • Laura Bell
  • Kimberly Binns
  • Angela Bortone
  • Benjamin Britton
  • Danielle Brutto
  • William Cash
  • In Kyoung Chun
  • Krista Clark
  • Susan Cofer
  • Kevin Cole
  • Ryan Coleman
  • Chrissy Culver
  • Henry Detweiler
  • William Downs
  • Brian Egan
  • Peter Ferrari
  • Angus Galloway
  • Ray Geier
  • Mike Germon
  • Windsor Grace
  • Heidi Graf
  • Candice Greathouse
  • TeMika Grooms
  • Matt Haffner
  • Alessandra Hoshor
  • Hannah Israel
  • Carol John
  • Lizzy Johnston
  • Michael Jones
  • Michael Lachowski
  • Elizabeth Lide
  • Susan Loftin
  • Eric Mack
  • Nick Madden
  • Pamela Diaz Martinez
  • Abbie Merritt
  • Larry Miller
  • Donna Mintz
  • Frank Morrison
  • Jason Murphy
  • Katie Ridley-Murphy
  • Tracy Murrell
  • Erin Palovick
  • Lauren Peterson
  • Mario Petrirena
  • Sanithna Phansavanh
  • Joy Phrasavath
  • Michael Reese
  • Seana Reilly
  • Charles Reinike, III
  • Allison Rentz
  • Sachi Rome
  • Estela Semeco
  • Preeta Shaikh
  • Robert Sherer
  • Mike Stasny
  • Mac Stewart
  • Dorothy D. Stucki
  • Tori Tinsley
  • Katie Troisi
  • Joe Tsambiras
  • Art Vandenberg
  • Laura Vela
  • Orion Wertz
  • Terrence White
  • Fabian Williams
  • Kevin WAK Williams
  • Alan Caomin Xie
  • Aurorah Yarberry
  • Linze Yarbough