Student Group Tour Offerings

From visual literacy to STEAM, education at the Museum engages students and educators in the artistic process and promotes the skills necessary to build twenty-first-century learners.

The High Museum welcomes school groups! Our tours are also available as virtual videos online. Browse the field trips below to find the best programming for you and your students. Each curriculum-based tour includes a tour of the Museum, Georgia standards connections, and a PowerPoint of key images that relate to the tour theme. Capacity information is listed on each tour page.

Would you like to book a tour at the Museum? Please submit a school group request form here.

Grades K–5

Animals in Art Tour

Students take a walk on the wild side!

Students look at a sculpture of a giant green chicken.

Grades K–8


During this program, students discover firsthand how artists are like scientists.

Children's faces reflected over and over in a mirrored sculpture by Anish Kapoor.

Grades K–12

HIGHlights Tour

The HIGHlights tour offers students an overview of the High’s collection.

Teens in school uniforms sitting on floor, looking at something off camera

Grades K–12

Celebrate Black Art and History Tour

Explore and celebrate Black artists and their artistic contributions in the galleries and in a new hands-on art-making workshop.

Two teens holding art that they made and smiling at the camera.

5th Grade

I See History Tour

Students explore American history using gallery activities to connect prior classroom experience with the collection.

School children look through a glass case at objects in our decorative arts collection.

Grades 3–5

I See Literacy Tour

Students learn to construct meaning through reading, writing, listening, speaking, and observing during this tour.

Young children look surprised and delighted

Ages 3–5

Preview Tour

Students combine elements of play with close looking as they engage in interactive activities in the galleries and the art workshop.

Children talking across a fence with Winnie the Pooh drawings