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Teacher Resource Kit Picture the Dream: The Story of the Civil Rights Movement through Children’s Books

Key Images

This PowerPoint includes 19 key images from the exhibition that correlate with the teacher resources listed below.

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This film, created for and featured in the exhibition, explores the history of racial injustice in the United States and the ongoing struggle for equity everywhere in the world.

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Virtual Tour (Grades K–3)

In this three-part video series, experience the exhibition Picture the Dream: The Story of the Civil Rights Movement through Children’s Books. This series is geared for Kindergarten through 3rd grade students. It can also be used at any grade level to discuss the civil rights movement through the lens of children’s book illustrations.

Part I: A Backwards Path
Part II: The Rocks are the Road
Part III: Today’s Journey Tomorrow’s Promise


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Five-Minute Virtual Tour

Nalani Dowling, Research Assistant for Picture the Dream, leads a tour through the exhibition.

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Story Time with Mama Koku

Join Mama Koku and her pal Artie the “Art”vark as they learn about the civil rights movement and read Child of the Civil Rights Movement, written by Paula Young Shelton and illustrated by Raul Colon.

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Extending the Narrative: Picture the Dream and Sit-In with Andrea and Brian Pinkney and Pearl Cleage

In this sixty-minute program, which was presented live on Zoom on October 27, 2020, hear from Andrea Pinkney, curator of Picture the Dream: The Story of the Civil Rights Movement through Children’s Books; illustrator Brian Pinkney; and Pearl Cleage, playwright of Sit-InSit-In, by Pearl Cleage and offered by the Alliance Theatre, is an animated film inspired by the book Sit-In: How Four Friends Stood Up by Sitting Down, written by Andrea Pinkney and illustrated by Brian Pinkney.

The panelists talk about their work and their inspirations behind these projects and answer student questions submitted in advance of the program.

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Family Discussion Guide

This PDF provides some helpful advice to guide conversation about race, equality, and social justice with children.

A young boy with brown skin and short black hair wearing a green shirt looks at an image of a black lives matter protest.


Ivey Coleman
Richmond County Schools

For 25 years, Ivey Coleman has been teaching visual art to students of all ages. She received the 2020 National Art Education Association’s Peter J. Geisser Special Needs Art Educator of the Year Award. Since 2005, Ms. Coleman has served on the Georgia Art Education Association and the National Art Education Association’s boards. She has written curriculum and assessments for Columbia and Richmond County’s boards of education and the Georgia Department of Education.

Kindergarten: This Is the Dream Portrait Collage
The students will understand how art with a purpose provides an opportunity to look at issues important to ourselves and the world.
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Grade 1: Tomorrow Your Nation
Art with a purpose provides an opportunity to look at issues important to ourselves and the world.
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Grade 2: Hidden Figures Rocket Relief Sculpture
Exploring visual relationships, aesthetics, and the relationship between form and space helps us understand and critically consider the world around us.
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Teacher, Equiana Eubanks-Frazier sits in front of a fountain with a blue glass sculpture by Dale Chihuli in the background.

Equiana Eubanks-Frazier
Fulton County Schools

Equiana Eubanks-Frazier graduated from Georgia State University with a BFA in Art Education and a concentration in ceramics. For 17 years, she has taught elementary art in Atlanta and currently teaches in Fulton County Schools (FCS). She also held lead teacher positions on the Georgia Department of Education (GADOE) standards writing team, as well as the GADOE and FCS curriculum writing and resource team. Ms. Eubanks-Frazier was named the 2006 Young Audiences Teacher of the Year and City of East Point Teacher of the Year as well as the 2007 Conley Hills Teacher of the Year.

Grade 3–5: I, Too, Am America mixed-media self-portraits
People develop ideas and understandings of society, culture, and history through their interactions with and analysis of art.
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Closeup portrait of teacher, Ondrien Reid.

Ondrian Reid
Fulton County Schools

Ondrian Reid graduated from the University of Georgia with a BFA in Art Education and earned a MA in Art Education from the University of Florida. She began teaching with Fulton County Schools in 2004 and currently works at Haynes Bridge Middle School. She is also a Fine Arts Support Team member working to support the middle school art teachers in her county and a Visual Arts Learning Architect. Ms. Reid has a special love for middle school students. She enjoys watching her students grow as people and artists during this transitional time in their lives. As an artist, she works mainly with pen and ink which competes with her passion for quilting.

Grade 6–8: Exploring Metaphor through Collaged Self-Portraits
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted equality for all people.
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Close up portrait of teacher Sahirah Wade. Dark curly hair frames a face with a serious expression.

Sahirah Wade
Fulton County Schools

Sahirah Wade earned her BA in Studio Art from Spelman College and her MA in Art Education from Georgia State University. She has taught art in Fulton County Schools since 2007 and currently serves as a fine art support teacher and classroom educator. Throughout her teaching career, she has developed highly effective teaching techniques and instructional methods which have allowed an environment that is both supportive and educational. One of her goals in teaching is to increase student engagement and accountability while implementing an interdisciplinary approach to the lessons she shares with students.

Grade 9–12: What’s Your Issue?
Through the use of problem solving and creativity, students will think about social political issues that pertain to their personal experience, familial history, and questions about the future to create mixed-media works of art. Students will further explore how elements and principles of design work together to convey messages in various works of art.
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Social Studies

Closeup of teacher, Lisa Rogers.

Lisa Rogers
Cobb County Schools

Lisa Rogers began teaching over 18 years ago in the Cobb County School District. She is currently a gifted and talent development teacher at the elementary level. Ms. Rogers has presented at numerous educational conferences throughout the state and was recorded with Georgia Public Broadcasting on engaging students in the art of inquiry. For over 10 years, she has written curriculum for the state of Georgia as well as Cobb County. Ms. Rogers was awarded the Javitz Frasier Gifted and Talent Development Scholarship that propelled her journey into mentoring educators on serving under-represented groups as it relates to literacy and learning.

Ms. Rogers also developed an accompanying teacher resource that extends teaching and learning for this exhibition. Check out the resource on her personal website.

Kindergarten: Getting to Know Dr. King and Understanding Empathy

Students will be able to understand what empathy is and how Dr. King showed empathy for others in the face of adversity.
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Grade 1: Bridging the Gap for Equality
Students will be able to understand what equality means, how Ruby Bridges showed courage, and what contributions she made to society.
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Grade 2: The Symbol that Separates Us!
Students will understand that symbols only have power if you attach meaning to them.
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Grade 3: Stand Up with Audrey Faye!
Students will learn that no matter their age, they can have a voice and stand up for what is right.
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Grade 4: Quenching My Thirst with Equality
Students will understand that although things appear to be different on the outside, sometimes the contents on the inside remain the same. They will also understand that even the same things, while separated, can be unfair.
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Grade 5: Green Doesn’t Always Mean Go!
The students will learn about one of many unspoken difficulties that many African Americans faced during the Jim Crow era.
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closeup of teacher Mary Uszynski, a smiling woman with long brown hair.

Mary Uszynski
Fayette County Schools

Mary Uszynski earned her BA and MA in Education from Purdue University. Teaching for over 18 years, she has taught Prekindergarten through 8th grade levels. She currently teaches 8th grade gifted Georgia studies at JC Booth Middle School and lives in Peachtree City, Georgia.

Grade 6–8: The Story in Paintings
Readers use appropriate strategies to integrate and evaluate content that appears in a variety of media and contexts.
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closeup of teacher Jan Hanson, a woman with long brown hair.

Jan Hansen
Fayette County Schools

For over 15 years, Jan Hansen has been teaching Advanced Placement United States history at McIntosh High School in Fayette County, Georgia. She has presented at state and national social studies conferences on various topics such as the economic impact of the Tennessee Valley Authority and the creation of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Ms. Jansen served on the Georgia Standards of Excellence committee to review and revise the U.S. Government standards. She has also served on the committee to implement the Every Student Succeeds Act for the state of Georgia. Ms. Jansen is most proud to be the 2019 S.T.A.R. teacher at her school.

Grade 9–12: The Long Civil Rights Movement: Growing Up in the Shadow of Jim Crow
The civil rights movement in the 1950s and 1960s happened as a result of a long history of political and social oppression reaching back to slavery. While events have shaped political policy, parts of the Black and African American experience remain strained and difficult. Artists and writers convey unique interpretations of historical and social events through their artwork.
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