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The Sculpture of Grainger McKoy Teacher Resource (PAST EXHIBITION)

This exhibition will complement your K–12 curricula in science, language arts, math, and/or visual arts.

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Ivory Billed Woodpecker

Fullsz Woodpeckerfullsz Woodpecker.jpg

Recovery Stroke

Fullsz Recoverystrokefullsz Recoverystroke.jpg

Carolina Parakeets

Fullsz Parakeetsfullsz Parakeets.jpg

Red-shouldered Hawks and Copperhead Snake

Fullsz Hawksnakefullsz Hawksnake.jpg

American Kestrel

Fullsz Americankestrelfullsz Americankestrel.jpg


Fullsz Sanderlingsfullsz Sanderlings.jpg