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Woodruff Arts Center Educator Conference, June 6–8, 2017All Grade LevelsEarly LearningElementaryUpper Elementary, Middle, and HighMiddle and High

Download presentations, lesson plans, and handouts from the lectures, activities, and workshops at the 2017 Woodruff Arts Center Educator Conference.

All Grade Levels

Making Marks: Integrating the Art of Andy Warhol
Workshop developed by Drew Brown and Debi West

Early Learning

Looking and Moving: Early Learning Inspired by the High’s Collection
Workshop developed by Nicole Livieratos

Visual Literacy for Early Learners
Workshop developed by Esther Smith


Better Together: Collaborative Murals Inspired by Howard Finster
Workshop developed by Johnna Art Davis

Bookmaking Made to Inspire: Connecting Ashley Bryan to ELA and Visual Art
Workshop developed by Lisa Casey

Cardboard Automata: STEAM Concepts in Folk and Self-Taught Art
Workshop developed by Tamara Pearson and Caitlan Cole

Exploring Chemical and Physical Changes with Indigo Dye and African Art (Elementary)
Workshop developed by Shannon Green

IEPS in the Art Room: Tips for Teaching Exceptional Students in Art
Workshop developed by Rob Foster

Quilts and the Stories They Tell: Art and Literacy in the Elementary Classroom
Workshop developed by Kirby Meng

Upper Elementary, Middle, and High

Exploring Visual and Poetic Lines with Ashley Bryan’s Work
Workshop developed by Teri Holbrook and Michelle Zoss

Kinetic Sculpture Inspired by Andy Warhol
Workshop developed by Gail Tate

Middle and High

Building Collaboration, Creativity, and Communication Through Ashley Bryan’s Puppetry
Workshop developed by Melanie Davenport

Courageous Conversations about Race: Art as a Means to Build Community
Workshop developed by Dr. Najuana P. Lee and Dr. Gloria J. Rosario

Every Last Drop: Sustainability and African Art
Workshop developed by Heidi Domesik

Exploring Chemical and Physical Changes with Indigo Dye and African Art (Secondary)
Workshop developed by Shannon Green

Inclusive Arts Integration: Poetry and Visual Art
Workshop developed by Sonja Fasen and Lesley Wood

Mathematics as an Artist’s Tool: Ashley Bryan in the Secondary Classroom
Workshop developed by Renee Pearson and Tamara Pearson

Object-based Teaching and Learning
Workshop developed by Esther Smith

Teaching Social Studies Through Art
Workshop developed by Rueben Pitts