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Future Exhibitions

George Voronovsky: Memoryscapes

March 24–August 13, 2023


Diverse circus imagery, including animals, trains, acrobats and unicycles cover a flattened green field with a river running through it.

George Voronovsky (American, born Ukraine, 1903–1982), Untitled (Circus), 1978–1982, paint on canvas, courtesy of the Monroe Family Collection.


Flattened woodland scene filled with trees, animals and flowers.

George Voronovsky (American, born Ukraine, 1903–1982), My Brothers and Me, in the Forest Collecting Eggshells and Snakeskin to Have the Beauty of Nature II, 1972–1982, acrylic on canvas board, courtesy of the Monroe Family Collection.

This exhibition marks the first major museum presentation of work by the late Ukrainian American artist George Voronovksy. Born in Kiev in 1903, Voronovsky immigrated to the United States after World War II and began working in the rail industry in Philadelphia. He continued to work primarily as a train car upholsterer and followed his occupation south, ultimately settling in Miami, where he turned his room in Miami’s Colony Hotel into an art refuge, living there until his death in 1982. His paradisiacal art installation included carved Styrofoam sculptures, cut tin cans, and glorious paintings on cardboard and canvas, which melded his Old World memories and his neon present in Miami Beach. This exhibition will showcase approximately forty of his paintings alongside sculptures he created from materials discarded along the local beaches he frequented, such as old Styrofoam coolers. His work has been preserved by Florida-based collector and photographer Gary Monroe, whose photos of the artist and his vibrant art environment will also be included in the exhibition.

Organization and Support

This exhibition is organized by the High Museum of Art, Atlanta.

Premier Exhibition Series Sponsor

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Premier Exhibition Series Supporters
ACT Foundation, Inc.
Sarah and Jim Kennedy
Louise Sams and Jerome Grilhot
Dr. Joan H. Weens Estate

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Mr. and Mrs. Robin E. Delmer
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Mrs. Harriet H. Warren

Generous support is also provided by
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